Book review – Lost Ocean by Johanna Basford

To conclude this trilogy of Johanna Basford books in my shelf, lets look at Lost Ocean today.

Details: Paperback, Ebury Publishing, 2015
Pages: 250 x 255 x 10mm, 80 pages, great smooth paper, double-sided
ISBN10: 0753557150
ISBN13: 9780753557150
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The third of Johanna’s books, Lost Ocean is printed on stark white paper, different from the usual creamy white. Also the covers aren’t brown but blue to keep with the sea theme. The images range from super tiny to normal. The super tiny ones are so super tiny that you probably need a loupe 😀 Plus I can’t imagine keeping a point so sharp on your pencil that would be needed for some of them. I won’t even try them with my currently (hopefully temporarily) shoddy eyesight.
The paper is gorgeous, thick and nice to work with. In the end there’s a HUGE double-sided poster to pull out and color. It will keep you busy forever, I’m sure.
This I must admit is the least favorite of the three for me, I’m not into the super tiny linework, I like some space for shading. Some of the images are really cool though which I will eventually get to since they’re so awesome.

I haven’t colored in this yet so I don’t have an example for you.

So that concludes the Johanna Basford trio and now eagerly awaiting for my copy of the Magical Jungle. What’s to come is that I still have a pile of books to show you guys so stay tuned. My daughter is also testing some student grade pencils to give me a second opinion on them and that is also in the works. And when I’m finally done with the owls that give me hell, I will be filming a video featuring skin and all that jazz. I did film about half of the kitty in Sommarnatt but ran into technical difficulties for a moment and well, no point in posting just the first half. The difficulties are now solved and should be all good to go. Plus a pile of pencils to review as well.

Disclaimer: all of the above opinions are mine, you might have a different experience and opinions

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