Book review – Daydreams Artist Edition and Dagdrömmar by Hanna Karlzon

Okay, I was supposed to stop at one review today but then I found Daydreams Artist Edition by Hanna Karlzon from my mailbox and I just have to share right away and not wait until tomorrow. But to make it more compact, lets look at Dagdrömmar as well while we’re at it.

Daydreams, Artist Edition
 Hardback, Gibbs M. Smith Inc, 2016
Pages: 211 x 297 x 13mm, 20 pages, very thick cardstock paper, single-sided
ISBN10: 142364557X
ISBN13: 9781423645573
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Daydreams Artist Edition is larger then the regular coloring book in dimensions and has 20 pictures from the original book, printed on heavy cardstock. The book has glue binding, which makes it very easy to remove pages. The paper is amazing for any type of media you wish to use on it. The images are printed on one side only so alcohol-based markers are also fine.
All the images have Hanna’s signature as well.
I love Hanna Karlzon. Seriously. Her books are my most favorite, hands down. Hell, I’m coloring my way through Sommarnatt, a committment I’m not willing to take with any other book. Daydreams is no exception, it’s a gorgeous book. However I admit I am disappointed that no girls made it into the Artist Edition. Hanna does spectacular women, I was so hoping to have one in here as well but no such luck. That made me a bit sad. But I am very much looking forward to attacking this with some type of water medium.

 Hardback, Pagina Förlag publishing, 2015
Pages: 270 x 200 x 20 mm, 96 pages, nice thick paper, double-sided
ISBN: 9789163611063
Pen Store

There’s also an English version out now with free shipping from Bookdepository, the paper and everything is the same so that might be a lot easier to get for most people. Mine I bought when Daydreams wasn’t out yet. And since I’ve been busy with Sommarnatt, I haven’t gotten to this one yet. Though I really should.
The paper is the same goodness that Sommarnatt and Blomstermandala by Maria Trolle have, it’s the best paper I’ve seen in any coloring book, smooth and beautiful to work with. You can use water sparingly on it, don’t float it and you’ll be fine. Pencils and pastels work beautifully with this paper.
Hanna has a wonderful unique style I just love. Others do too, people actually tattoo her designs on their body, I think that goes to show how much her work is loved.

Overall I think you should definitely get one or both of these. For sure. They’re magic. I won’t show you Sommarnatt before I’m done with the book, which will take me 40 more years but you can search for it online if you want a flip through. Hanna will also have a new book out this fall, sadly only available through Pen Store at first, the patient among us will wait for the English version and free shipping in Bookdepository.

Now go, buy some books and color some pages. I’ll shut up for a day or two, promise 😉 I have a crazy big work in progress in Sommarnatt which I’m not moving too fast with, with all this blogging business. The pencils are calling!

Disclaimer: all of the above opinions are mine, you might have a different experience and opinions

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