Book review – Colour My Sketchbook 2 by Bennett Klein

Continuing with the book reviews while I’m trying to get a coloring video together for you, takes a surprising amount of effort, I might say. But anyway, today Colour My Sketchbook 2 by Bennett Klein. I don’t own 1 or 3 but they’re also available, 3 is not yet available on Bookdepository since it’s very new but you can get it on Amazon and Etsy.

Details: Paperback, self published, 2016
Pages: 216 x 280 x 3mm, 62 pages with 25 images to color, standard copy paper, one-sided
Where to get: BookdepositoryAmazonEtsy (digital copy)

This book has grayscale sketches you can color. Grayscale is fun to color, it’s very forgiving. Bennett Klein has an amazing brain, really, some of these images are just so insane, they’re beyond awesome.
The illustrations are one-sided as you can see. There’s a cool color palette thingy in the beginning where you can test out your coloring ideas for each picture. It’s only major drawback is the paper, it’s basically just copy paper. It can’t take water and it’s limited as to how many layers of pencil it can take. Also don’t erase vigorously or you’ll end up with an artistic hole. Cause holes are art too.
This book has a mix of images, some of people, some of animals, something for everyone. Bennett Klein has said this is how it will stay throughout his books. So if you like variety, here you go! A bonanza of crazy fun ideas in this book. The first and third books look great too, sadly I don’t have those to show you at this moment.
If you have/get any of these books, also join Bennett Klein Facebook group and show off your work, it’s a great community.

As you saw from the video, I’ve already finished one piece, Mother Masked. Here, closer view:

Overall: This is an amazing book, full of interesting grayscale images for you to color. My only gripe is the paper, I do hope he will figure out better paper in the future. It’s probably printed on this paper to keep the costs down since the book really isn’t expensive but well, I’d pay a bit more for better paper. You can get a digital copy from Etsy and print it yourself to a nicer paper if you have the option. I sadly don’t. But that’d be a great way around it if paper is super important to you. It won’t stop me from coloring or wanting more of his books though. Overall, thumbs up!

Disclaimer: all of the above opinions are mine, you might have a different experience and opinions

3 thoughts on “Book review – Colour My Sketchbook 2 by Bennett Klein

  1. The most amazing artist in many ways..I will eventually colour all the drawings from each book as I love the challenge of colouring each drawing done by Bennett..🌹


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