Sleeping kitty, Blomstermandala

I finally decided on a page in Blomstermandala by Maria Trolle, I’ve been looking through the book countless times, trying to decide where to start. This image drew me in immediately but I kept hoping I wouldn’t want to do a double spread 😀 Not for the amount of work involved, though that’s also quite intense, but because I never can creep into the binding well enough to be happy.
But anyway, enough blabber, look, a kitty!
Kitty closeup:
_DSC3661 - Version 2
See, that’s why I don’t like double spreads, I just cant creep into all the nooks, no matter how hard I try 😦 But it’s still such a cute image, I just had to try. This is done with Caran D’Ache Luminance pencils and a tiny bit of white Posca.
I also loved the chestnuts, with both Maria Trolle and Hanna Karlzon, the foliage is so familiar to me since Estonia isn’t really far from Sweden and the trees and flowers are the same that grow in my garden and all around me, the familiarity always makes me happy.
_DSC3661 - Version 3
My eyesight is still bad, they’re probably going to have another go at my eyes in a few months. Until then I’m stuck with pretty bad precision since I just can’t see well enough. But well, I can still color, even if not perfectly but that’s the most important bit 😛

I’m also trying to figure out if I can make some videos for you guys since that’s been asked for so much on Instagram and Twitter and in e-mails and Facebook and… 😀 We’ll see, have to test things out. Hopefully I’ll have something for you soon.

4 thoughts on “Sleeping kitty, Blomstermandala

  1. I hope they can fix your eyes! Your colouring would never give away that you have an eyesight problem, it’s clear and precise. This picture is gorgeous on so many levels! And some videos would be wonderful ❤


  2. You are amazing. Every time I see one of your colourings I wish I had the book! That was really a sweet picture …. Beautifully done as always.


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