Houses, Sommarnatt

I realized I never posted this. I did this for a challenge in a Facebook group, Coloring Creations, come join us if you’re not there yet 🙂
Anyway the challenge was to use orange and two favorite colors. The use of black and white was allowed. I picked this from Sommarnatt to be mine:
Orange, red and yellow Prismas. I can’t be sure now what the exact pencils were, I’ve lost the paper where I wrote it down 😀 Very useful to keep reminders that you lose, don’t you think? Anyway background with black Posca which was my third attempt at Posca and nope, I don’t like it. On large areas I’m probably not skilled enough with it but it’s patchy and streaky, not a fan. With small areas, it’s fine. So I’d use it when the background is fiddly but not on large areas and NEVER on top of pencil, after spraying nightmare happens, the wax starts to shine through the Posca. Trust me, it’s not good. You’ll see one day when I’ve finished Sommarnatt and show you a video, the two major fails don’t show up as bad on photos but I think they will on video.
Anyway I had a lot of fun coloring this one 🙂

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