July, Inklings 2

I know I said I probably won’t get the Inklings 2 book but I couldn’t resist Tanya Bond’s wonderful hauntingly beautiful girls. So there. I ate less chocolate and backed her on Kickstarter and there you go, Inklings 2 is mine, yay!
I have the artist edition and the paper is a LOT better then the Inklings book I have. It’s not too thick but takes pencil a lot better. In the artist edition, the images are only on one side which is good for those who like markers. I don’t mind either way.
I picked July to be my first but it’s a far cry from summer. To me, she reminded me of winter 😀 So a wintery girl it is:
Prismacolor Premier and some white Posca.
Overall, I love this book. If you like to color girls like I do, you should definitely look into this, search for Tanya Bond or Inklings on Etsy or Amazon. The Amazon version is probably the regular paper one with images on both side of the page though, correct me if I’m wrong.

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