Geisha, Magical Journey

I was so looking forward to Magical Journey by Lizzie Mary Cullen, the author of Magical City, which is one of my all-time favorite books. So when the day finally came when I received my shipping notice from Bookdepository for my preorder, I jumped with anticipation for the next almost three weeks it took to get here (funny that, mail from UK to Estonia is almost as slow as from China these days). And then it finally arrived, my very own copy of Magical Journey.
Since then I’ve been leafing through it countless times, not really sure what to feel. I think I was expecting Magical City part two. This isn’t it. It has a few of the same type of pictures but mostly it’s different. Which is kind of cool and then… I don’t know. I really do like this book, I just hoped it would be MORE of Magical City. But then again, I’ve heard people say about Kirby Rosanes that Imagimorphia was a disappointment because it’s pretty much the same as Animorphia, same ideas and style. I don’t think so but hey, if you want new from Lizzie Mary Cullen, here you go, pick this up, you’ll love it 🙂
Anyway. Long blabber aside, here’s my first. And since I love me some ladies, ofcourse I picked this one:
In hindsight I wish I’d done a darker background and it’s a tad sloppy here and there. So those are the lessons for this one.
Did this with Prismacolor Premier pencils and a tiny bit of white gel pen and white Posca.

Overall, I do recommend you get this book, it’s really nice and has a lot of fun pictures to color. But don’t expect it to be Magical City, it’s not.

One thought on “Geisha, Magical Journey

  1. I’d love to try an illustration like that one day. The colours you chose are gorgeous. Thanks for sending the photo.


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