Another swap bites the dust, hey hey

So, my card finally arrived and I can now show you the swap I did with the lovely Lisa Cieszynski.
I sent her this from Vinterdrömmar:
I’m relatively sure it was done with Lyra Polycolor Rembrandt pencils but.. Well it was a while ago 😛

And she sent me this awesome peacock, by the way I really like peacocks but who doesn’t:
I had a ton of fun with this swap and Lisa is very nice. I love these swaps cause I get to chat with awesome people around the world 🙂

I haven’t really colored much lately, I’m starting to really miss it. I’ve been busy with the kids and the garden, it’s berry time, redcurrants are taking over the place, I’ve been picking and cleaning them and I think I’ll leave the rest to the birds since nobody will eat so many redcurrants. I love redcurrant juice and also to use them in cakes, the sourness is beautiful 🙂
But I did manage to finish the picture I started for the Coloring Creations group challenge, I’ll get to post that tomorrow, yay! And I have an ever growing queue of books to show you guys. Oh goodness, being buried under coloring books is a rather nice problem 😀


One thought on “Another swap bites the dust, hey hey

  1. This was such a great idea Iris, and so much fun to swap. I love “my” squirrel, as you know from my email 🙂 It was so nice getting to chat with you as well. Hope the weather stays nice.



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