Major screwup day

So I managed to screw up not one but TWO pictures in one day. How fantastic is that? 😀
The thing is, I messed up the backgrounds of two pictures and figured to hell with it, I’ll Posca the thing to oblivion. Note, I’ve never used Posca before. Anyway so all went relatively smooth and well, didn’t quite like the slightly stripy-patchy look but oh well, better then before, I reasoned. And then… I sprayed the pictures. Lets put it this way… DON’T! I’m guessing it might be okay to spray JUST Posca (which btw I’ll try out soon and possibly screw up a third picture as well) but don’t ever ever spray Posca on top of pencil. Sealant will make the wax shine through Posca like there’s no tomorrow.
So now I have two screwed up pages in Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon. Soon possibly three. Yay for me! If I’d drink, I’d probably need a shot of something strong right about now. But I don’t so I’ll settle for chocolate.
Trust me, it’s MUCH worse in person. But see how whatever was below shines through? You can see it clearly above her hand.
But man, this one. Oh god:
Since I decided halfway through the background that oh hell no, this ain’t working and the previous Posca looked okay (since I hadn’t sprayed it yet), I figured ah whatevs and did this too. So now half the page is a shiny mess and the other half is matte. Like… Thanks.
We’ll see what happens when I spray the third one. That one is for a challenge in the group Colored Creations so I’m not allowed to show it yet, the deadline was I think July 11.
They might look good from afar. Like from Mars. But while I don’t mind fails now and then, I’m not too happy about such grand epic fails in a book I’m actually trying to finish as a kind of an achievement.

So. Where’s that chocolate?

5 thoughts on “Major screwup day

  1. Fear not. Those pictures look amazing on my BIG screen computer. I am so sorry they look a mess at your end. I know how it feels after spending all those hours making it perfect. Sniffle…. It is now 1:18 AM … my neck is cramped and my vision is blurry. Just maybe it’s time to quit for today. I’m feeling like I’ve lost my way on my undersea challenge. I will try to rescue it tomorrow.


  2. They look great on line, don’t be too discouraged. I feel for you on the first picture because you were waiting to do this for so long……………


  3. I’m looking at these gorgeous pieces on my big PC screen and can see absolutely nothing except beauty! You are being too harsh to yourself, maybe the look different in reality and you can see the faults, but they look perfect on my screen. Both of them!


  4. I agree with Morena! I can’t see anything wrong with them at all and the Posca background looks great! I’ve tried the Pitt pen method and it was ok but not great.. Looks like I’ll need to order those Posca’s I have sitting in my Amazon basket. Gorgeous job on all! Just found you on Instagram 🙂


  5. Well, I don’t know what it looks like on your end but they look great on my screen. Chill out, eat some chocolate ND keep coloring!! 😁


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