Postcard swap once again

Today I want to show you the swap I did with Vicki Walsh.
I sent her this card from Vinterdrömmar:
_DSC3616 - Version 2
Not completely happy with it but oh well. Done with Lyra Polycolor Rembrandt pencils.

Vicki colored and sent me this in return:
I already managed to forget which postcard book it’s from but it’s certainly Hanna Karlzon, probably Dagdrömmar. Anyway it’s really cool and she’s done a great job with it 🙂
She was also kind enough to send me this cool magnet:
I really have to start figuring out something extra to send as well, it’s becoming embarrassing 😛 Everyone is so nice and cool and generally awesome that I’ve had the pleasure to swap with.

So all in all, another great swap done and thanks again, Vicki! It was a pleasure!

If you too want to swap and don’t mind the wait since my to-do list is still humongous, drop me an e-mail:

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