Reader question

Got this question from a lovely reader a few days ago:
“Do I really need all those fancy expensive pencils to color?”
Graphite pencils (7B, 4B, 2B, HB, 2H, 4H and 6H but you don’t really need all those, 4B, HB and 2H are a good versatile trio) and a bit of Signo Uniball gel pen, dots on background simple eraser. Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon.

So longer version of the no? 😀 No, you don’t need expensive pencils to color. You don’t even need cheap colored pencils to color. Color with graphite, pens, crayons, whatever you have and want to use. Sky is the limit. If you want affordable but good colored pencils, look for Marco Raffines on Ebay, they’re in the same price range as student grade pencils but quality is better and worth the wait (it takes forever and then some to ship from China). They also have a Renoir range which I hear is even better and also not expensive. I haven’t tried neither yet, my daughter has Raffines, she loves them, says they’re a definite upgrade from her Faber-Castell and Lyra student grade pencils.

Now it’s raining and I just HAVE to go outside, it’s been crazy hot for so long 🙂 If anyone else has a question, feel free to e-mail me:


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