Colour My Sketchbook 2, Mother Masked

Lets just start with saying that the art of Bennett Klein is awesome, okay? I don’t have the first of his books but the second is amazing. The images are absolutely gorgeous. It’s my first grayscale book so that’s new and interesting as well, allows for a wee bit more relaxed coloring since some of the work has been done for you, plus super precision is not as important at places. What I don’t like about this book is the paper. It’s basically copy paper, thin and flimsy and yuck. The images make up for it though. But yeah, I hope if he ever does a third book, it’ll have better paper then this one.
But without further ado, my first Bennett Klein coloring, Mother Masked:
Done with Lyra Polycolor Rembrandt pencils and a tiny bit of white gel pen. Decided to do this sort of background or lack thereof because I wanted to retain some of that sketchbook feeling.
Overall, thumbs up for this book! Seriously, Google it, it’s awesome, it has loads of crazy images. He is kind on his Facebook page as well, giving free images now and again so check that out as well.

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