Postcard swap, first tale

So I was looking for people to swap postcards with (btw still am, if interested, e-mail me and the lovely Rachel Barton was willing to give it a shot. Now we have both received ours so I wanted to share the fun 🙂
I sent her this bird from Vinterdrömmar by Hanna Karlzon, done with Inktense:

And in return, she colored this dragonfly for me, isn’t it beautiful?
I love dragonflies so this is totally fit for me. To my great surprise the world really is small, turns out she has been in Estonia. What are the odds? Most people don’t even know it’s a country, which I think is okay, it’s so tiny, you can’t know them all. Though hey, Skype backend was developed by Estonians so know you’re chatting through an Estonian invention kthnx 😀
Rachel also was kind enough to send me these awesome stickers:
How cool are these? Let me hear you say it. Yes. VERY cool!

I had tons of fun coloring for this swap and chatting with Rachel and the dragonfly will definitely find a place in my album. I used to do Postcrossing which is currently on hold but I have an album for cards, I’m a geek like that.

So again, if you want to swap with me as well, e-mail me and lets have fun!

2 thoughts on “Postcard swap, first tale

  1. Very pretty colour choices. I am definitely adding the photos to my growing collection of “things to learn from Iris!” I really like your background. Was it done with pastels … or?


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