Six shades of grey

And black to boot 😛 Stir in some crazy pink and you get yourself my strange version of the next page in Sommarnatt. I thought about summer dawn here, with the light being pink and strange but the world is still in monochrome in a slight fog. So that’s the inspiration here.


Started with the background on this one, using Prismacolor Premier. Then continued with the monochrome work, used all the six cool greys from Faber-Castell Polychromos and black as well. Final touch with the Signo Uniball gel pen as usual.
Todays tip, black smears like crazy, so if you end up using it (which I find I rarely do, I build blacks out of blues, purples and browns mostly for more interest), do it last. Otherwise it will just be difficult and who wants stress with their coloring? I know I don’t.

On a completely different note, yesterday was Eurovision and surprisingly good one, I usually like one song if I’m lucky but this year there were a few I liked, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia and Georgia. Oh Cyprus was fun as well. I found it a bit funny how it was clear as day that Sweden doesn’t want to win. They had a great song and zero show element 😀 But congratulations to Ukraine! Being an Estonian I know well what the song is about, it’s our history as well.

Back to coloring, working on the crown that’s next in Sommarnatt and then I’ll finally get to work on the first girl in the book, I’ve been waiting for that picture for so long that I keep confusing myself with plans on how to do her. Everyone seems to like her with black hair and black is easy to do when you want to ignore the linework but I’m thinking maybe red. We’ll see!

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