First double spread in Sommarnatt

So. This was huge and took longer then I expected but well, I also enjoyed it more then I expected. Win! 😀
The binding is nice and secure but a little hard to work with, I didn’t quite get to the very extremities there but it’s okay I think. Thought about doing a gradient background but decided against it cause the flowers and bugs are so colorful, it would have thrown it off I think.
Used Faber-Castell Polychromos and one miserable broken Prismacolor for the background. Uniball white gel pen for the dots. Did the background last because I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it in terms of gradient or no gradient and wanted to see how it plays out first. Good tactics if you’re unsure.

Now a tip, something to keep in mind when using gel pen for dots. Gel pen creates a raised surface, so the next page you color will have dots showing. There are two easy ways to fix this. One is to use gel pen after you’ve completed the next page (but who likes to wait, right?) and the other is to use a blending pencil to burnish out the dots. You don’t want to use the pencils themselves cause they have pigment and it will only make matters worse. You don’t have to blend the entire thing, just go over the dots and it will smooth out nicely.


Next I will have the review of Caran D’Ache Luminance for you, hopefully tomorrow 🙂

4 thoughts on “First double spread in Sommarnatt

  1. I am … speechless! I think I should put all my crayons away and just enjoy staring at your talent. Lovely!

    I just tried my first face. I did not find the flesh colouring as difficult as I expected it to be. I loved experimenting with hair. I was quite pleased with self … and then … I ran amok with my staedtler coloured fine liners on her jewellery and really spoiled my picture😪. Live and learn. Horrible, brash colours. Won’t do that again!



    1. Your comment on the problem with the dots causing a pop out on the next picture that lays on top … I’m a little unsure about the burnishing with my colourless blender. Hate to sound like a newbie … but believe me … I am one!


      1. Just go over the dot with your colorless blender, it won’t ruin anything, though be careful if you’re doing it somewhere where several colors meet. Don’t use a burnishing pencil, Derwent makes those too, those are way harder and leave a shiny surface behind so you’ll have a shiny spot instead of a dot, not really the goal 😀
        Good that you had success with skin! It really is much harder in theory, in practice, not that bad. Most important thing is to understand the values, where the shadows lie and how deep they should be. Then you can color your girl purple and it will still look true to the eye. And as I always say, success is standstill, failure is progress. It’s oh so hard to believe when you’ve just failed but it’s still true.


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