Inklings by Tanya Bond

Interrupting the Sommarnatt madness to bring you something absolutely mindblowing I found on Etsy. I generally steer clear from Etsy since I just can’t afford going nuts. But I was checking something and somehow wandered off the beaten path and.. you know how that is. Anyway, enter Tanya Bond with her book Inklings. If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I love my ladies. This book is all about them, gorgeous girls with a style you can recognize from a mile away. Or kilometer away if you’re European like me 😀

She now has her second book up on Kickstarter HERE, go support it, it’s an artist edition and all. I so wanted to get it and do a review for you guys but you know, life happens and we don’t always get what we want, finances are numbers, not poetry that you can interpret the way you want 😛 So yeah, I have to skip that one which makes me sad. But you go and get it and support her, her work is amazing. You can also get a double deal there with both books if you want them both *totally enabling*.
Anyway back to the first one, Inklings. Lets do the picture do the talking, okay?

I’m not 100% happy with how I did with this but hey, learning process and all (namely I screwed up with picking colors for the leaf thingies bottom left, too bright but you can’t really erase Prismacolor too well and trying to go over them resulted in an even worse mess. Lesson learned!). Did this with mostly Prismacolor but also some Derwent Coloursoft and a few Luminance thrown in for good measure.
The book has 24 illustrations and the paper has a bit of a tooth to it, not too much but enough to allow for some serious layering with a light hand. It’s double-sided so markers are not a good idea, the paper is not very thick. These girls would be amazing with water media I think, Inklings 2 artist edition should allow for that if you want to test, the paper is 170 gsm for that, might work.
So go check out the Kickstarter and also her Etsy. And no, I’m not paid or endorsed, I just love this book so much. I thought about doing a flip through for you but there are a few on Youtube so go look for those if interested in other pictures as well.

P.S. A detail. And yes, you really want this book 😉


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