Keys to a dream

Pick carefully, only one is the correct key, you get one try…
Done with Sennelier pastels, some W&N watercolors for texture on the background and keys with Faber-Castell Polychromos, just five of them for added challenge.

From Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon. Time spent was about 2,5 hours, a quickie.

I started with the background this time, went in with Sennelier pastels in dust form. Then after working that in, did a bit of splattering with watercolors to add some interest to the pastels. It’s subtle but adds an interesting touch I think. The paper is too thin to properly take water so take caution if using water media in this book. And then pencils for the keys themselves.

It would be easier if you have a workable fixative, I don’t. They don’t sell it where I live so I can’t fix pastels down before going in with pencils. Which can lead to a lot of frustration and stress. So I don’t attempt this on bigger and more intricate pieces.

4 thoughts on “Keys to a dream

    1. I started the background by dusting different shades of Sennelier pastels on the paper and rubbed that in (some use an X-acto knife but Senneliers are so soft that I find that to be an overkill, I use a random serrated butter knife type of thing but really you could dust them with a spoon I think :D). Then I was left with a really soft background, I wanted a little texture as well. So took a stiffer flat brush and watercolor and splattered a few shades of blue here and there in tiny spots. You’ve probably done the paint splatter with a toothbrush when you were a kid, it’s sort of like that. I take paint on the brush, not too wet or I’ll end up with splotches instead of tiny dots. And then over the paper pull over the bristles with my fingers so it sprays the paint in tiny dots. It doesn’t really show up all too well here since I wanted it to be really subtle but you can get cool effects that way.


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