Sommarnatt, once again

You’re not tired of Sommarnatt, are you? Ofcourse, how could you be 😀

This one I wanted to go dark with and leave the background pretty rough, summer nights to me are dark purple and not at all smooth as silk. For that purpose, some recycling was perfect, I had some broken Prisma leads lying on the table, apparently I’m too lazy to clean up after myself. Anyway for this, they were perfect. So used broken leads for the background and I think they worked out brilliantly for it.




Done with a little bit of everything but the kitchen sink. Caran D’Ache Pablo, Caran D’Ache Luminance and Prismacolor. Prismas for the background, Luminance for face and hair, Pablo for everything else.

I must admit I am a little disturbed by the crown being too narrow, or rather the head being too narrow on top but well, art is art and realism isn’t really the goal in coloring books most of the time anyway.

I also heard a rumor that Hanna Karlzon will have a new book coming out late this year, can’t wait! Hope it’s not a holiday-themed book, I really don’t go for those. Johanna Basford will have a Christmas book in October and that’s where my Basford collection stops, not my cup of tea sadly.

Also in the works is a pencil comparison post, I went a bit too overboard with that one so it’s still in progress, loads to do still. So if interested in that, stay tuned.

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