When it’s one of those “meh” ones

Today I continued with Sommarnatt and figured I’d do the name page, one always should mark their territory or something 😀

I went in with guns blazing, winging it and.. yes. It’s a “meh” one.


It’s just too pink. But posting this anyway as a sort of a learn-from-my-mistake. Repeating colors throughout the picture is good, it creates a cohesion and balance. But make it too much and this is what happens, pink overload. The tooth got pretty full so I didn’t attempt to change the colors and wreck the page entirely so it will be a kind reminder to me to always keep the bigger picture in my head and not focus on single elements. Focusing on details alone will get you to that pink place so always take a step back and evaluate the whole thing as well 🙂

Did this pink madness with Caran D’Ache Pablos.

The pearls in this book remind me of rowan berries so I’m coloring them accordingly.

On another note, the background of the map page in Enchanted Forest is starting to come together, hopefully a day or two and it’s ready to be called done and I can move on to coloring the objects on the map, it’s kind of getting old, working on the background for over a week. Also started another girl from Sommarnatt today, can’t resist them girls!

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