Magical City, Old English Village

So while I’m painstakingly and slowly building background on the map page of Enchanted Forest, I wanted to also do something fun. And what is more fun then Magical City? This time went with Old English Village, which is just opposite of the Coverack I did last time.

_DSC3330.jpgWent with relatively similar colors here and there with Coverack so they’d work well together:


Done in Prismacolor. Which I still hate but want the 150 tin real bad 😀 Ah the lack of logic. I really like the end result with them, a bit rustic and loud, I just really dislike working with them. But anyway, I think they’re perfect for this book, being as crazy as the pictures themselves.

On another note, still waiting for some coloring books from Bookdepository. This time mail from UK takes forever and then some, usually it’s a week, now it’s been three weeks for one. Lost Ocean, which I got last week, also took like 2,5 weeks. Very weird and annoying.

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