Adventures with Inktense

I’ve been working on the door from Secret Garden Artist Edition with Inktense, now I think I’m ready to say I’m done.

I work on the dining table, you probably can see where this is going, right? Anyway of all the images possible, water damage happened to the one that’s water soluble and then permanent when dried. Cause that just rocks, doesn’t it 😀 I had the background blocked in and not activated and boom. Well I think I managed to make it look relatively okay. I hope.


I’m not a big fan of water mediums simply because I’m a bit of a control freak and water tends to do its own thing. Plus I suppose I have some leftover trauma from art school where we did still life in watercolor for a whole year in every class. And since I hate the mess, I tried to be dry and clean and precise but that wasn’t what the teacher expected and she was as frustrated with me as I was with her when she came and splashed water and paint all over my paper 😀 Anyway, I do have Inktense and some watercolor pencils but I haven’t really explored them all that much cause well, I don’t like the flowy mess. So it took a while to get the hang of shading, thus the strange shading at places.

But on a positive note, I did come to really like Inktense. I think for me the key for loving them is in the brushes. I gave up on trying with regular brushes and went with the water brushes from Kuretake. They provide a relatively even flow of water (if you don’t wipe them clean, they provide even but wiping makes them dry and then you have to adjust again) and are thin enough for fine detail to work. So yay for those! Do recommend if you’re thinking about how to go about your Inktense or general water medium work and like it a little less splashy.

Overall, this was a fun practice project. I’ll try a few more before I tackle the one I really aim for, the owl. I don’t want to mess the owl up cause it rocks too much 🙂

On another subject, I gave in to the temptation and looked at a flip through of Sommarnatt. Now I’m even more impatient to get mine! I already started planning colors for a few of them. I generally wing it and don’t micromanage things in advance but I do like to get some general things down before starting when the images are more complicated. Anyway I’m super excited for Hanna Karlzon books, I specially love the pictures with people, you don’t really get many of those, why, I don’t know. I love my ladies 😀

Now the sweet pleasure of picking the next image. I am slowly working on the map from Enchanted Forest but since that’s a project for the times I’m putting the baby to sleep, it’s going to take days and I’ll keep it that way for now.

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