Instant favorite, Magical City

Oh god, this book! This is heaven, seriously. I just adore the pictures that are a bit like puzzles, at first glance they’re insane and once you start coloring, magic happens. Magical City indeed! I bought this for myself as a

Lizzie Mary Cullen has a new book coming, Magical Journey, preorder on Bookdepository says the release date will be June 16. I admit to pressing the checkout button, go press yours – HERE 😛

Went with Prismacolors and yep, still hate them. My tin is full of broken pencils and they don’t even sharpen to a point before breaking so I have to go with dull pencils. Feels like coloring with crayons or something, absolutely dreadful. But the saturation is wonderful and intense colors and some that I dearly wish other brands would have as well.


Nevermind the Polychromos, I did do Prismas, I just took the picture when I was already working on another piece with Polychromos 🙂


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